There are two terms in the 2020--2021 NAA Year

 Term 1: September 14th,  2020 - January 30th,  2021

Term 2: February 1st, 2021 - June 7th, 2021


Students may not commence instruction (whether private lesson or group class) until registration has been confirmed and payment has been processed. Students are not considered registered until payment has been received.  Late registration for Northern Arts Academy Instruction is accepted up to and including the third week of classes. Late students are responsible for paying the full term’s tuition.

NSF cheques are subject to a $25 service charge. If a payment is declined, the student will receive a notification by email and is expected to remit payment immediately. The student must provide an alternate form of payment within 5 business days. If any payment is over 5 business days late, there is an additional $20 reinstatement fee. All applicable fees and outstanding balances must be paid in full before lessons or classes can be resumed.


All students have the option to withdraw after a 6 week trial period or at the halfway point of the year (January 30th, 2021). In such cases we will happily refund the remainder of the lesson fees. If you continue after the initial 6 weeks, you are committed for the 1st term. If you continue after the 1st term then you are committed for the 2nd term.


Students are expected to be present and on time for all private lessons and group classes and to participate actively in their musical development. Time lost as a result of student lateness will not be made up. A time has been reserved for you regardless whether or not you attend. For these reasons, we have instituted the following policies for missed lessons and classes:

      Missed private lessons

      Missed group classes

      School closure

      Teacher absence

Promotional Release

Unless otherwise requested, students may appear in Northern Arts Academy promotional materials and/or media which may include visual or audio representation.


As email or texting is the most efficient form of communication with students, it is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to check their email and phones for school updates. Please keep your online profile with us up to date and make any necessary changes to your contact information as soon as possible.